Chapter 11. The admin area of OTRS::ITSM

Table of Contents

The general catalog
Configuring configuration item classes
Version management of CI classes
Adjustment of ticket state
The criticality - impact - priority matrix
Adjustment of ticket priorities

The admin area is the central interface for the administrator of the ticket system. All important settings of the system configuration can be checked and/or changed here, and the system can be customized to suit individual needs.

The admin area can be accessed via the "admin" link in the agent interface navigation bar. The link is only shown to users logged on to the system that have been granted administrator privileges. After the completion of a default installation you can log on to the system as OTRS admin using the user name "root@localhost" and the password generated in the last step of the installation.

Figure 11.1. Admin Area

Admin Area

The general catalog

As the name indicates, the general catalog serves for basic ITSM relevant configurations in OTRS::ITSM.

Figure 11.2. Admin General Catalog

Admin General Catalog

For example the editing of reference chart entries for drop-down fields:

Figure 11.3. Admin General Catalog

Admin General Catalog