Adjustment of ticket priorities

Tickets are arranged within OTRS::ITSM on the basis of ticket priorities, i.e. tickets with a higher priority are displayed further up in the queue views and lower priority ones in lower positions. Priorities can be adjusted, re-named and amended in the graphical admin frontend.

Figure 11.10. admin-priority-management


More detailed information can be found in the OTRS Admin Manual.


The "id" attribute decides the OTRS::ITSM internal sequence of priorities. 1 corresponds to the minimum and 5 (or higher) to the maximum. The number in the priority name is used to implement the correct sequence within the priorities.


In order to assure the consistency of the data managed in OTRS::ITSM, information created in the admin area of the system cannot be deleted as a general rule. If you want to deactivate such information, change the value in the respective listbox settings from "valid" to "invalid" or "invalid-temporarily".