Chapter 10. Service Level Management

The introduction of OTRS version 2.1 marked a complete revision of the internal statistics framework by allowing the creation of nearly every imaginable ticket-based report via the web interface, as well as the export or import thereof. In addition to that, by making use of OTRS existing access control features, administrators were allowed to restrict the generation and display of statistics and charts to specific users, groups and/or roles. During the development, special care was given to ensure cross-version compatibility, meaning that statistics modules generated by previous OTRS versions could continue to be used. When used in combination with OTRS::ITSM, additional statistics relevant to ITSM become available with the installation of the ITSMServiceLevelManagement package.

Example of a report overview:

Figure 10.1. agent-ticket-stats


XML export of report settings:

Figure 10.2. agent-stats-export-import


Dialog-based creation of a new report template:

Figure 10.3. agent-stats-template


A PDF generator is incorporated as well, which enables you to export the print view of your previously generated tickets, stats and search results in PDF format:

Figure 10.4. pdf-doc-view


Figure 10.5. pdf-doc-overview


Example of a graphical ticket overview:

Figure 10.6. ticket-graphic-overview