Chapter 2. Commercial services for OTRS::ITSM

Table of Contents

OTRS::ITSM consulting and implementation
Software development
Application support
Managed application services (ASP/SaaS)

OTRS AG is the manufacturer and source code owner of OTRS and all modules based upon it (e.g. OTRS::ITSM) and a professional service provider. Unlike those of proprietary software providers, OTRS AG's business model is not based on license fees: OTRS and OTRS::ITSM are available free of cost and we offer commercial services associated with the software applications instead.

As your capable partner, we provide optimal support in all phases of your OTRS project design, realization, and operation. Our staff are highly skilled experts and we believe in deploying the most modern methods. This philosophy guarantees credit for powerful business applications and happy customers lauding our service quality (

OTRS::ITSM consulting and implementation

Are you planning to use OTRS::ITSM or have you found out about OTRS::ITSM in a new product screening and want to assess the system's eligibility for your requirements? Or is your OTRS::ITSM evaluation completed and you want to make use of our consulting services to efficiently lead your project towards success?

We offer extensive practical expertise in IT process consulting, software engineering, development, and ITIL compliant IT operations and support. Security and quality management for your project complement our service portfolio. You benefit from an extensive and quick knowledge transfer.

Our services include:

  • Identification of your requirements and assistance with product evaluation

  • Guidance on design and implementation of ITSM process and organizational structures

  • ITIL assessments and support with ISO 20000 certification

  • ITIL trainings and coaching

  • ITIL implementation

  • Compilation of IT service catalogs

  • CMDB design

  • Installation & configuration of OTRS::ITSM including integration with your existing system environment

  • Review & optimization of existing OTRS::ITSM installations

  • Process and data migration from predecessor systems

  • Release updates

  • Specification of business and IT requirements and features, which exceed the given functional range of OTRS::ITSM

  • Design and realization of project complimentary administrator and service agent trainings

  • Advisory services regarding managed operations (ASP/SaaS) of OTRS::ITSM and application support