Chapter 8.  Change Management

Table of Contents

Change Management Module Requirements
Required Expertise
Technical Requirements
Diagram of Change Management in OTRS::ITSM
Available User Roles
Underlying Workflow
Creating a New Change
Attributes of a Change
Category - Impact - Priority Matrix
ITSM::Change Management::Category
ITSM::Change Management::Impact
ITSM::Change Management::Priority
Change State Machine
Defining Participant Roles / Persons Related to a Change
Linking a Change with a Request for Change
Defining Conditions
Conditions available at the Change level
Conditions available at the Work Order level
Defining Actions
Actions available at the Change level
Actions Available at the Work Order Level
Rescheduling (Postponing) the Start / End Time of a Change
Creating a Work Order
Attributes of a Work Order
Work Order Type
Work Order State Machine
Defining the Work Order Agent
Work Order Agent Report
Linking Work Orders to Configuration Items / Services
Saving a Work Order as a Template
Deleting a Work Order
Viewing the Content of a Change
Change Views
Change Overview
Change Schedule
PIR - Post Implementation Review
Change Manager
My Changes
My Work Orders
Change Management Statistics
Number of Changes Within a Defined Period
Number of Changes by Change Category
Number of Rejected Changes
Number of Withdrawn Changes
Ratio of Changes to Incidents
RFCs Per Requester

Change Management, according to ITIL, is a Service Transition process whose purpose is to manage IT changes, including planning, documentation, and implementation upon approval and clearance. The objective is to minimize negative effects on the IT infrastructure, particularly on critical services, resulting from ad-hoc or poorly-managed changes or amendments.

Change Management Module Requirements

Required Expertise

The implementation of OTRS::ITSM requires significant technical specification and preparation. Prior to a technical implementation, key elements of the Change Management process, such as required workflows, metrics or reports, must be defined.

Technical Requirements

The software below is necessary to implement the Change Management module:

  1. OTRS Framework, version 5.0.1 or higher

  2. ITSM "GeneralCatalog" package, version 5.0

  3. ITSM "ITSMCore" package, version 5.0

The following packages are recommended, but from a technical perspective they are not completely necessary:

  • ITSM "ITSMIncidentProblemManagement" package, version 5.0

  • ITSM "ITSMServiceLevelManagement" package, version 5.0

  • ITSM "ITSMConfigurationManagement" package, version 5.0

  • ITSM "ImportExport" package, version 5.0