Chapter 7.  Service desk, incident & problem management

Table of Contents

Ticket creation, classification and prioritization
SLA relevant time information
Allocate tickets (queues)
Change ticket data
Approvals and decisions
Generation of problem tickets from incidents
Ticket closure
Processing of service requests

The service desk (which, according to ITIL, is not a process but a function) is usually the ticket system's main field of application. All user messages and notifications from system monitoring and internal IT organization converge here. The ITIL service management process, closely interwoven with the service desk, describes which work steps, information, escalations and/or interfaces are relevant in connection with the processing of incidents or service requests.

The incident and problem management processes within OTRS::ITSM are based on ITIL recommendations and ITIL terminology. At the same time, user comfort was a main consideration, and terms known from OTRS have been retained as much as possible.

Ticket creation, classification and prioritization

At ticket creation -in our case a phone ticket- the following information can be registered in addition to the information implemented in OTRS:

  • ticket type

  • relevant service

  • SLA

  • impact

  • priority

Depending on the service selected, impact and priority are automatically submitted from the criticality impact priority matrix. However, every IT service staff member knows a "VIP" customer requires special consideration.

In order to meet this requirement of day-to-day Service Operations, we also allow you to manually adjust the priority of a request.

Figure 7.1. agent-ticket-create


By following the ticket content (zoom) link, detailed information about the ticket can be accessed. All data relevant for IT support is consolidated in the right hand section:

Figure 7.2. agent-ticket-data-change