Allocate tickets (queues)

Designed with flexibility in mind, the OTRS::ITSM queues can be tailored to your organizational structures. They can follow the vertical scheme of service desk, first, second and third level support (as often used in IT service support) or be configured in a process oriented manner based on the ticket life cycle of generation, processing, closure and post-processing.

Contrary to OTRS versions prior to version 2.2, ticket escalation in OTRS::ITSM is based first of all on the response, update and recovery times provided in the SLA. If no values are provided in the SLA, escalation is effected based on the queues and time information stored in them.

Tickets can be moved by choosing a new queue in the bottom right corner of the ticket view.

Figure 7.4. agent-ticket-queue



The design of a queue structure is a task which should not be underestimated. Our experience shows that it is highly recommendable to validate conceptual thoughts in a dry run against the existing IT infrastructure before configuring OTRS::ITSM. It has proven of value to resort to external assistance, e.g. of OTRS or ITIL practice experts for the queue design.