Configuration items

GenericInterface for ITSM Configuration Management

Exemplary overview of recorded computer CIs (part) with current CI state:

Figure 6.6. agent-configuration-items


Example of an individual CI view:

Figure 6.7. agent-configitem-management-link


The graphic exemplifies the links between CIs. OTRS differentiates between bidirectional and nondirectional links. Whenever a CI is linked to another CMDB object, OTRS::ITSM automatically creates the respective reverse link.

The OTRS::ITSM standard offers seven link types:

Figure 6.8. agent-configitem-management-link2


To link objects, the source object is chosen first, then the link type is defined and the target object chosen. The target object can be searched for using various criteria.

GenericInterface for ITSM Configuration Management

There is a GenericInterface for ITSM Configuration Management. This feature contains operations for creating, changing, retrieving and searching configuration items via GenericInterface. The following operations are available: ConfigItemCreate(), ConfigItemGet(), ConfigItemUpdate(), ConfigItemSearch(). For more information please take a look at the WSDL file: