Service levels and service level agreements

Service levels and the respective agreements (service level agreements, SLAs) document quality pledges for IT services. SLAs are recorded and administered in the admin interface.

Figure 6.3. admin-sla-management-overview


The following parameters can be recorded with every SLA:

Figure 6.4. admin-sla-management-edit


OTRS::ITSM offers by default up to 99 different calendars to describe the various time zones for work or service times. The SLAs can be allocated to them ("service level window"). Various time spans can be entered (in minutes) which OTRS::ITSM uses to control notification and escalation:


If no values for the above-named times are entered in the SLAs, escalation is affected according to the time fields "response time", "update time" and "solution time" assigned to all queues!

Important time values of OTRS::ITSM are based on the "ITIL incident lifecycle":

Figure 6.5. incident-lifecycle


Source: OGC, ITIL Service Support Documentation

The OTRS stats framework facilitates, among other things, the definition of the actual availability of a service from recorded incidents, which often serves as a performance figure in system-oriented SLAs.