Services, at the core of everything

Services such as "standard IT workstation", "e-mail" or "web access" are IT products and should be compiled in a "IT service catalog" prior to the adoption of OTRS::ITSM. Such a service catalog is usually customer or company specific and can be structured hierarchically. Furthermore, it should be formulated in a user friendly, meaning easily understood, language, as both IT personnel (agents) and IT users (customers) are among its audience.


Service catalog design is a task which should not be underestimated. Our experience shows that it is highly recommendable to validate conceptual thoughts in a dry run first and to transfer the service structures to OTRS::ITSM in a second step. It has proven of value to resort to external assistance, e.g. of ITIL practice experts.

Example of (part of) a hierarchic IT service catalog specified in OTRS::ITSM as shown when a ticket is created

Figure 6.1. agent-phoneticket


and in the administration area.

Figure 6.2. admin-service-managment-overview