Chapter 3. Installing OTRS::ITSM

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Please note that the OTRS framework 6 must be installed prior to the installation of OTRS::ITSM. All necessary information, options and installation procedures are depicted in the OTRS Admin Manual.


After successfully installing OTRS 6 or a later version, proceed to sign on as administrator. Using the package manager in the admin area or via obtain the ITSM packages and install them in the following order:

  • GeneralCatalog

  • ITSMCore

If your machine running OTRS has internet access, use the following online repository [--OTRS::ITSM 6 Master--] to install the packages below. Otherwise download the packages below and use the package manager to install them:

  • ITSMIncidentProblemManagement

  • ITSMConfigurationManagement

  • ITSMChangeManagement

  • ITSMServiceLevelManagement

  • ImportExport

You can find further information about the installation process here: INSTALL-6.ITSM