User Interface Design



This section talks about how the different parts of the English user interface should be capitalized. For further information, you may want to review this helpful page.

  • Headings (h1-h6) and Titles (Names, such as Queue View) are set in "title style" capitalization, that means all first letters will be capitalized (with a few exceptions such as "this", "and", "or" etc.).

    Examples: Action List, Manage Customer-Group Relations.

  • Other structural elements such as buttons, labels, tabs, menu items are set in "sentence style" capitalization (only the first letter of a phrase is capitalized), but no final dot is added to complete the phrase as a sentence.

    Examples: First name, Select queue refresh time, Print this ticket.

  • Descriptive texts and tooltip contents are written as complete sentences.

    Example: This value is required.

  • For translations, it has to be checked if the title style capitalization is also appropriate in the target language. It might have to be changed to sentence style capitalization or something else.