Using the Web Installer

You can use the OTRS Web Installer, after you installed the OTRS software, to set up and configure the OTRS database. The Web Installer is a web page you can visit in your browser. The URL for the web installer is http://localhost/otrs/ .

When the web installer starts, please follow the following steps to setup your system:

1. Check out the information about the OTRS offices and click on 'Next' to continue (see figure below).

Figure 2.1. Welcome screen

Welcome screen

2. Read the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (see figure below) and accept it, by clicking the corresponding button at the bottom of the page.



3. Choose the database that you want to use with OTRS. If you choose MySQL or PostgreSQL as a database, you can also select here if you want the web installer to create a database for you or if your database administrator has already created an empty database for you that you would like to use. After that, click the 'Next' button (see figure below).

Figure 2.3. Database Selection

Database Selection

4. Depending of the database you chose and if you wanted the web installer to create a database or use an existing one in the previous step, this screen might differ a little. Enter the credentials for the database in this screen.

Figure 2.4. Database credentials

Database credentials

5. Create a new database user, choose a name for the database and click on 'Next' (see figure below).


OTRS will generate a strong password for you. It's possible to enter your own password if you prefer this. The password will be written to the configuration file Kernel/ so there is no need to remember this password.

Figure 2.5. Database settings

Database settings

6. The database will be created if needed, and populated, as shown in this image. Click 'Next' to go to the next screen.

Figure 2.6. Successful database setup

Successful database setup

7. Provide all the required system settings and click on 'Next' (see figure below).

Figure 2.7. System settings

System settings

8. If desired, you can provide the needed data to configure your inbound and outbound mail, or skip this step by pressing the right button at the bottom of the screen (see figure below).

Figure 2.8. Mail configuration

Mail configuration

9. Congratulations! Now the installation of OTRS is finished and you should be able to work with the system (see figure below). To log into the web interface of OTRS, use the address http://localhost/otrs/ from your web browser. Log in as OTRS administrator, using the username 'root@localhost' and the generated password. After that, you can configure the system to meet your needs.


Please write down the generated password for the 'root@localhost' account.

Figure 2.9. Web installer final screen

Web installer final screen