The Dashboard

The Dashboard is the main page of the system, here you can get an overview about the tickets and other stuff related to the ticket activity. It's thinking to be the starting point for the daily work of an agent, by default it presents a quick summary of the tickets which are pending, escalated, new, and open, among other information.

One of the most important features about Dashboard is that is completely customizable. That means you that can configure each part as you want, showing or hiding elements. It's even possible to relocate this elements within the same column by clicking on and dragging the element's header, and dropping them elsewhere. Each element is named "Widget", the system has some widgets ready to use out of the box, but the modular design of the dashboard screen is prepared to integrate custom widgets easily.

The content of this screen is arranged in two main columns, on the left column you normally can see information about tickets classified by their states like: reminder, escalated, new, and open. On each of this widgets you can filter the results to see all of the tickets that you are allowed to access, tickets you have locked, the ones that are located in agent defined queues, among other filters. There are also other kind of widgets in this column and they are all described below.

Figure 3.7. Dashboard widgets

Dashboard widgets

Left column dashboard widgets.

In the right column is located a special widget that allow you to control the widgets you want to show or hide. This is the Settings widget. Click on it's header to expand the section and see all available widgets, as shown in Figure. Each widget name has a checkbox. Use this checkboxes to define the visibility of the widgets in the dashboard (unchecked widgets will not be shown) after you define the visibility options and click on Save for storing your changes. This section is fixed on the screen, this means you can't drag and drop it, or close it.

Figure 3.9. Dashboard Settings

Dashboard Settings

Right column dashboard widgets.